Nonprofit Capacity Building

Building Financial Sustainability

Cash Management, Budget Development and Financial Systems Review

Interim & Crisis Management

Vendor and Lender Negotiations & Debt Restructuring

Sustainability Planning

Interim Executive Management

Strategic Planning

Facilitating planning sessions to develop or review mission, vision and values

Identifying organizational assets that can be leveraged

Conducting research to help organizations better understand the environment in which they operate (including market research)

Determining resources necessary to support plans

Analyzing the potential for earned income

Interviewing key stakeholders (foundation, investors and potential customers) to gauge interest and market potential.

Preparing business and strategic plans to present to potential funders and investors

Restructuring and Turnaround

Partner Identification

Exploring Mergers, Partnerships, and Affiliations

Conducting Due Diligence

Developing MOUs, MSAs and Merger Agreements

Developing a Successful Integration Plan

Facilitating Discussions and Negotiations

Public Engagement


Public Engagement Program Design

Issue Identification and Troubleshooting


Focus Groups

Discussion Groups

Consensus Building

Conflict Resolution


Public Opinion Survey Research

Online Survey

Confidential Interviews

Detailed Analysis